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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Those of you who follow the page, know that I’m big on education. And while that might seem to be a surprise to some who knew me as a kid, it’s always been true, really, it’s just that my insatiable curiosity wasn’t always directed toward what is taught in school. My guess is, that if you’re hear reading this, you often find yourself in the same boat, so from time to time, I like to cover some of the music and engineering schools out so you’re informed as to what music business education options are available to you. Today, I wanted to take a quick look at Ex’pression College of Digital Arts in Emeryville, California. Emeryville is home to Pixar Studios and is a stone’s throw from Berkeley and San Francisco. Yeah! Ex’pression offers Bachelor’s Degrees in a number of disciplines including: Sound Arts, Game Art and Design and Motion Graphic Design. From... Read the rest of this entry »

Music Business News

Posted by dockane On June - 4 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

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Image courtesy of: Self Service World One of the most prevalent myths you’ll ever hear about working in the recording industry, is that your likelihood of carving out a career in entertainment rests solely on who you know. In fact, this kind of talk permeates all facets of job hunting and sales to the point where, God-forbid, one might think it completely impossible to accomplish just about anything in life without some sort of inside connection. Well, while an inside track to a gig as a recording engineer, or record promotion person might be a beautiful thing, and save you a ton of work, it is without a doubt NOT the only way to start or continue your job in the music business. Let’s say, for example that you would like to work in a studio as a recording engineer. If your uncle’s best friend’s cousin owned a studio, then you’d be in like Flynn, right? But what if you didn’t know anyone? How would you get started sweeping up the floors of a recording... Read the rest of this entry »

MusicBizWeekly Podcast #2

Posted by dockane On April - 16 - 20091 COMMENT

This week myself, Berklee student, Justin Travis and Heather McDonald your Musicians guide tackle music for free, a bit of Trent Reznor, hobby-musicians vs. career-musicians, and getting the most out of your a career in music, and the new Universal Music video channel. Check out the latest and greatest music news from MusicBizWeekly: Here are a few of the issues we covered in this week’s MusicBizWeekly podcast. iTunes tiered pricing QTrax relaunching Universal Music and YouTube laucnhing a music video site Jeff Price from Tunecore’s iTunes promotion tricks Cheers! Doc SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "MusicBizWeekly Podcast #2", url: "" }); Read More →

Our MusicBizWeekly Podcasts debuts!

Posted by dockane On April - 10 - 20091 COMMENT

Go-getter, and future music industry super-star Justin Travis, a student at Berklee, Musician’s Guide, Heather McDonald, and myself have put together a weekly podcast about what’s happening in the music business, entitled Music Biz Weekly. It’ll be an ongoing dialog about various events happening in the music business. . .that we hope will serve to not only keep you posted on what’s going on so when you’re being interviewed for your internship, or first gig as a recording engineer, promotions person or brand ambassador, you’ll know what you’re talking about! Listen to the podcast here: This week we talked about these stories: SeeqPod Files for Bankruptcy Online Listening Replacing Music Acquisition FREE!: The Kind of Music Nobody Wants To Own Why Interruption is a Crappy Music Business Model So, we’ve just uploaded the first podcast. . .you can download it to your iPod as well. Here’s the link: Enjoy!... Read the rest of this entry »

RIP Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Billy Powell…from Roadie to keyboardist extraordinaire: # Just getting started here with a new twitter ID, I also Tweet as: @dockane if you’re curious! Thanks for the new follows! # Gotta tell ya, this freakin’ Music Genome Project technology Pandora employs is simply genius: & dead on in picking music. # #firstrecord I ever bought with my own dough: The “Grease” Soundtrack. Double album, and damn proud. *geek* What was your #firstrecord ? # Powered by Twitter Tools. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: " Featured Job Listings for 2009-03-06", url: "" }); Read More →

Getting ready for a re-design and need your input!

Posted by dockane On February - 28 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a wee bit quiet around here, but we’re in the middle of processing a re-design for the site and since we’re going to be doing a number of things differently on the site, I wanted to hold off on rolling out the new content. We have a number of exciting things planned. . some interviews on deck, and a lot of interesting stories about people who have made it in the music business. We’re working on stories related to recording engineering (which we see a lot of interest in) as well as stories focusing on women who have kicked some royal butt in the music business as well. I’ve noticed there are a lot of female readers on the site (go girls!), so we’re going to be tailoring a bit to each of you as the year progresses. Of course, that’s not to say we’re not going to be covering jobs and interests for the guys in my crowd. . .after all, I know that world a little bit better, myself. . .but we are going to mix it up... Read the rest of this entry »

Hi everyone, just popping in today with a quick video that’ll start your mind racing with all sorts of approaches you can use to snag your first radio job this week. No kidding, watch the vid and get movin’! Here are the links mentioned in this video: Clear Channel’s station search tool. Good if you know the call letters, otherwise, not so good! Wikipedia list of seemingly every Clear Channel Station by state Knock ‘em dead, and I’ll see you at the meet and greet! Cheers, Doc SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Clear Channel kills 9% of it’s workforce. Advantage, YOU!!", url: "" }); Read More →

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-05

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Featured Music Industry Job Posting: Intellectual Property Paralegal, Legal, Warner Music Group, New.. # Powered by Twitter Tools. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Twitter Updates for 2008-12-05", url: "" }); Read More →

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-05

Posted by dockane On December - 5 - 20081 COMMENT

Featured Music Industry Job Posting: Director, Streaming Media Business Unit, Logitech, Mountian Vie.. # Featured Music Industry Job Posting: Intellectual Property Paralegal, Legal, Warner Music Group, New.. # Powered by Twitter Tools. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-05", url: "" }); Read More →



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