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Stop Big Media stomps its big foot at the FCC

Posted by Doc Kane On February - 27 - 2007

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It’s always interesting to me how so many things can happen in the world without one ever knowing about them. Case it point: Stop Big Media. Stop Big Media apparently seems to be a force to be reckoned with, or at least a force du jour, and an a subsequent pain in the butt for the FCC and a host of media enterprises like Clear Channel with regard to media ownership.

You see, since the consolidation of the radio industry began, people have running for the hills commenting about the loss of local jobs and how the whole thing was so unfair. Well, life is unfair. Hey, and I was even one of the unfortunate music business folks to see their job disappear in part due to consolidation! It happens. Countries win and lose wars all the time, you’ve got to get over it sometime. . .the same goes for business in my opinion. The trick is finding a way to make it work for you. Anyway, all that commotion didn’t really rattle the cages of anyone in the industry who could do anything about it until individual groups started the rally call of “no localization”.

You see, the mandate of the FCC is that it protects the listening rights of the population. In other words, the FCC is working for the people, and its their job to essentially make sure what happens on radio is of benefit to its potential listeners. That’s why swearing is such a no-no. People don’t really want to hear that stuff in their living room with grandma and the kids.

So, the popular thinking goes that when a radio group owns stations in several markets and programs them from a singular location, they’re doing a disservice to the population listening to such stations and as such, violating the rules that govern the issuance of their broadcasting license. Hmm. . .not good.

Now you can see why groups like Stop Big Media are the ire of big radio and now. . the FCC. Hearings are currently being held in Harrisburg to look into the matter, so its worth checking out to stay on top of the story. As a radio and record industry expert you should be following the story! Learn more about the hearings by visiting StopBigMedia’s website or for the other side of the story check out what’s happening at the FCC.

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