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I popped an old friend in my cd player today A distant one. . .dusty, yet still as crisp as it was the first time I heard it.

REM’s Life’s Rich Pageant is perhaps one of eponomously-named bands’ best records, and still stands as one of my all time top-ten discs. . .the one disc of ten I couldn’t live without on that far off deserted island of mine.

I mention REM today because they represent what is often missed when you grow up in a small town. Athens, GA is an idyllic spot in America. . .warm most of the year and with a nice college-town “feel”. And Athens, Georgia is also home to REM. The band got their start there early in the 80′s and I believe their guitarist Peter Buck might even still live there. . .or maybe he doesn’t. . .it doesn’t matter really because the point I’m getting to here is that REM, one of the biggest band to play alternative music in the late 1980′s and early ’90s, is from small town America. The kind of town you think nothing good will ever come from. The kind of town. . .well, perhaps a lot like yours.

You see, someone in that tiny town many years ago saw potential in a gangly group of wanna-be rockers and helped make them famous. I don’t even know who it was. . .but he/she most certainly was there helping the band unload its gear, hanging up flyers and helping them do sound checks when no one else cared. When no one showed up. When they didn’t want to show up. But they did it because they had vision — the kind of vision you need to create a career in the music business for yourself. So the next time you think nothing amazing ever happens in your little town, think again. . .and then think of REM. . .and put your dream of an entertainment career in action that day. Cheers. Doc.

God, I miss REM.

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