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Posted by Doc Kane On March - 10 - 2007

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Most of you have probably never heard of Norman Whitfield. But I’ll bet hard cash you’ve heard of The Temptations, and most likely, a song named “Ain’t too proud to beg”. Well, Mr. Whitfield co-wrote “Ain’t too proud to beg” with Eddie Holland Jr., later of Holland-Dozier-Holland fame when he was a mere 23 years old.

The best thing, though is that Norman Whitfield was just a 19 year old kid when he began hanging around the Motown studios bugging the heck out of Motown’s founder Berry Gordy for a gig. Eventually that persistence paid off and Berry put him to work in the control division of the label determining which hits were going to get released on the label.

Within a few short years he had displaced Smokey Robinson as The Temptations producer and went on to write many more of their hit singles. Not bad for a kid bent on being persistent to land his first gig in music, eh? Follow in his footsteps and maybe you can write your own ticket too.

Gotta’ love Wikipedia, eh?

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