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I thought I would start off this week with a bit of history, although it amuses me to think music that still seems so fresh to me could even be considered “classic”.

If you’re not familiar with Darryl Hall & John Oats, they’re a group of cats who produced tons of hit records for themselves as well as others during from the 70′s and 80′s. They were a “pop” band for all intents and purposes, but that was at a time when the lines between rock and pop were so blurry, such a designator hardly mattered. What did matter was that they made cool music. After all, Carole King has been recognized as having one of the best “rock” records of all time, and Carole King, in my mind at least, is far from a rocker.

Anyway, the reason for posting this video, which I recommend checking out is for you to notice a few important things. They are:

  1. That great music is timeless.
  2. The highest caliber musicians of ALL genres are inspired by so many more types of music than you could possible imagine. (Just check out some of the folks glowing about this 80′s pop duo in the video! Keep your genre options open.)
  3. Who is giving the award: BMI, one of the big publishing houses (this is where the real money in music is made! Think about gigs other than at record labels) The other big cats are SESAC and ASCAP
  4. Who is hosting the award video: Billboard Magazine (THE music business magazine for decades. You should read it online.)
  5. The humility of Hall and Oats (sometimes rare these days)
  6. The catchy songs that earned them the honor of being named icons (see how good 2 minutes and 33 seconds sounds 31 years later, despite the wide collars, cheezy production set, off putting hairdos, and is that Tony Danza playing guitar next to John Oats?!?!?) By the way, referencing my second point, is that R&B, Soul, Rock, Pop? Na, it’s just good.

Congrats guys!

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