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Friday’s Music Industry Writer’s Link Roundup

Posted by dockane On June - 13 - 2008

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This week’s music business link round-up features a few new blogs and one you’re probably quite familiar with, I’m sure. So without further adieu, here are some of what I thought were great reads from around the blogosphere this week:

Fellow music-crazed writer, Heather McDonald over at wrote a bevy of posts this week about a number of topics that might be of interest to you, including: the first part in a series about Long Lost Record labels, this year’s In The City music expo/conference/jam in the UK that offers a good excuse to hop on a plane and visit Europe this fall, and an interesting story covering feedback from users of Sonicbids.

A bit of interesting news about a company named Music Video Games, or MvG, that will address the growing notion of delivering some forms of music for sale on and in video games. I’m not sure what in the heck this is really going to be as of yet, but it caught my eye enough for me to bookmark it.

Rap & Hip Hop blogger/author/speaker Terrance Dean’s blog has not only one, but two informative posts on breaking into the music business on the hip-hop side of things that can be applied to any portion of the business you wish, really. Terrance, a former MTC staffer, has also written a memoir entitled “Hiding in Hip Hop”, that discusses among other things, what Newsweek magazine calls the “rap industry’s persistent “down-low” culture. He doesn’t name names, but it’s a fascinating peek inside hip-hop’s last taboo.”

And finally this week, The Infinite Dial, brought to us by Edison Media Research, brings us a quick look at one woman who has fought her way up the music industry ladder alongside all the men that most think occupy the halls of record labels across the world. My recollection was that there were many, many women of power walking those halls along side us, and Tayla Johnson, Music Director / Internship Coordinator, at Washington D.C.s WPGC 95.5 FM, illustrates this nicely in a little “ditty” about her recent recognition as one of the Infinite Dial’s 30 under 30 honorees.

Have a brilliant weekend, enjoy it if you’re already in it, and hope you had a great time if you’re already out of it! Cheers, Doc

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