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Full Sail: Music Business Degree Program Spotlight

Posted by dockane On June - 13 - 2008

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If you’re at all inclined to consider a career in the music industry, you should take a look at some of the music and engineering schools that are geared toward helping you get started in the entertainment business.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, getting a degree in music is certainly not a necessity to forward yourself up the career ladder in music and entertainment, but what a good school can do for you is help you snag good internships. And, that is not something your typical career counselor at your typical 4 year college will have the first clue about. Trust me, I was one!

For some people, getting a great internship is part of the hustle involved in getting started in music, for others not yet attuned to how to get ‘em and keep ‘em, a program like the one at Full Sail can help. Here are two videos with Full Sail’s President Gary Jones that might provide some insight into the program.

Full Sail Interview #1 with Gary Jones, Full Sail President
(this vid highlights the program in a nutshell and talks about the stuff you learn)

Full Sail Interview #2 – with Gary Jones, Full Sail President
(this vid highlights the campus facilities and talks about gaming and famous grads)

Full Sail has also been named one of the top three entertainment media colleges by Shift Magazine alongside the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (No. 1) and New York University (No. 2); Electronic Gaming Monthly named Full Sail one of the top five Game Design Schools in the world; and Rolling Stone Magazine recently named Full Sail one of the “Best Music Programs” in the country, in addition to one of the “Best Music Business Departments” in the Schools That Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide.

What I like about the program at Full Sail is that it pays attention to the business side of music as well as the fun stuff like artist management and the history of rock’n’roll in it’s Entertainment Business Bachelor of Science degree. The school also offers a Master’s program for those of you already through their undergrad programs.

The days of being able to place yourself at the top of the music industry heap with just a good ear and a long track record in radio and/or promotions, is not the norm any longer. Even record label internships, which you used to be able to get just by asking, it seems, require you to be in college so you can get credit. So instead of suffering through a degree program you have no passion for, check out something like Full Sail. I think you might be pleased by what they have to offer.  You can request free information from Full Sail by using their online form to have information about the school sent directly to you.

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