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One thing I love about music is finding something that is totally new to me. Sometimes I’m on the cusp of the new stuff, sometimes I’m behind the curve a bit. So, depending on how close you keep your ear to the ground, you may have already heard some of these tracks that I’m going to introduce to the rest of the audience this week. While looking for a new place to live this week, I popped my head in a Border’s for a quick half hour break. Searching for a new place to live can be mind-numbing, and the break was much needed.

Perusing the aisles, my ear caught the beat of the song playing on the sound system, and I went up to the cashier to ask who it was I was hearing. Actually, I first asked if it was Amy Winehouse, ’cause the production sounded much like that familiar 60′s soul sound she and her marvelous production team is bringing back to the fore, but I didn’t think the pace of the music was like her style. And, for sure, it wasn’t. Who it was/is, though was another great artist you should check out if you haven’t already had the pleasure. The name of the gal singin’ this great tune bustin’ out of the speakers at Borders Music belongs to Welsh singer, Duffy.

No doubt you pick up on some similarity in vocal styling as well as in the production value of her songs, but who the heck cares, groundswells in music always occur as people start trying out the same sounds, work them over time and are “discovered” seemingly all at once. Think about the early 90′s “Seattle Sound” for a brief history of how what is familiar to some becomes “new” to most in a heartbeat.

Duffy’s style seemed so fitting this week as well because I’m currently reading John Farinella’s “Producing Hit Records” book which is one of the coolest, insightful books on record production I’ve read in a long time. Farinella not only teaches the reader what’s important to learn about how to get a job in the music industry as a recording engineer or record producer, but also highlights the critical role a producer plays in working with artists to get that “sound” that knocks your socks off. Having spoken with some of the most innovative, respected and legendary producers music has today, Farinella’s book is a true gem that should be on your reading list this summer. My full review of the book will come next week. Be on the look-out for it. It’s long overdue!

Anyway, check out these tracks. I’ve included a few more videos than normal to help catch you up with UK and European listeners who are months if not years ahead of us on this sound. Oh, and I’m tagging this post with something really cool from Atlanta, Georgia’s Gnarls Barkley to see what some American-made 60′s retro sounds like as well.

Sorry this “New Tunes Tuesday” is a day late! Good music is always welcome regardless of its delivery date, anyway, right? Cheers, D

P.S. The Imeem videos load a little slower than YouTube, but they work.

Duffy – Warwick Avenue

Duffy – Rockferry

Duffy – Mercy – Official Music Video (anyone else hear Ben E. King’s “Stand by me” in those first few notes!?)

Gnarls Barkley – Run

Three things of interest you might want to know about Duffy as an entertainment career wannabe:

  1. Duffy was influenced by artist performances on the 60′s show Rock Steady Go
  2. Bernard Butler of Suede helped create her “new” retro soul sound.
  3. Along with Amy Winehouse, Estelle and Adele, some in the press are calling this group part of the new “British Invasion”

Album facts you should know:

Album name: “I am Duffy”
Produced and co-written with Suede’s Bernard Butler

Most likely to be heard on the following radio formats:

Top 40
Adult Hot A/C

Album already dropped May 13, 2008

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