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New Tunes Tuesday: One Block Radius (OBR) – You Got Me

Posted by dockane On July - 8 - 2008

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Today’s New Tunes Tuesday hit is currently going for adds on Top 40 stations across the US. So, if you’re in some of the bigger markets you might be hearing this track “pop” a bit over the next few weeks. I think it might have potential on a number of other formats as well, including stations slanted toward R&B and HipHop as well as some of your more open satellite stations. I also think it’s got some potential on Alternative at some point. Anyway, I thought it was worth listening to here on New Tunes Tuesday, so I’m happy to share. I really dig the monster chorus!

As far as I can tell, “One Block Radius” has yet to release an official video for “You Got Me”, but the YouTube vid below will at least allow you to take a quick look-see at the band and the links below will help fill you in a bit more on what they’re about. Check out the video for the band’s new single “You Got Me” below:

Three things of interest about “One Block Radius” thing might help you if you aspire to a career in entertainment:

  1. Two members of the trio were also members of Scapegoat Wax who, hands down, put out one of the hookiest pop tunes of the last 10 years with: “Space to Share” (I had this baby in heavy rotation when I programmed for!)
  2. One Block Radius’ Marty James provided the hook on The Federation’s “I wear my stunna glasses at night”
  3. Marty has also been blessed with producer/songwriting credits on the Baby Bash hit, “What Is It,” featuring Sean Kingston, as well worked on projects with JR Rotem, Diane Warren, DJ Felli Fel, E-40, Lil Jon, The Grouch, Paula DeAnda, Luckyjam, Mozella and Turf Talk, among others.

Album facts you should know:

Album name: ?
Record label: Property/Mercury/IDJMG
Most likely to be heard on the following radio formats: Top 40(CHR Pop), R&B (Urban Contemporary) CHR Rythmic
Album Drops: September 2, 2008

Other Goodies:

Join the “One Block Radius” Mailing List

The “One Block Radius” Official MySpace Page

One Block Radius - You Got Me - SingleGet it on iTunes!

If you didn’t click on the Space to Share link above, check out the video. . .you’ll be glad you did. Looks like a production of a few folks from UC Chico.

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