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The Friday Music Industry Link Roundup

Posted by dockane On July - 11 - 2008

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Music Industry Link RoundupSince the Internet is rather timeless, I’m not entirely big on making my link roundup one that only features news from last week. After all, there is a lot of stuff that is “old” and still “new” to you and me, so it’s still worth covering in my book.

So, think of my round up, if you will, as a “news worth reading” section as opposed to just what’s happening in the blogosphere this week. After all, I don’t even really watch the news, and I’m not in possession of enough time or desire to surf all day long either.

Here are some chunks worth digesting from my side of the desk:

Money magazine has a nice little story about how to go about landing yourself an internship in today’s wacky economy. Seems they think it’s” Hard to find a job, but not an internship

Here is a cool little story from a few year’s back that’ll whet your appetite if you’re a musician, but not in a band, and don’t want to be in a band, or American Idol, or America’s Got Talent, or whatever other stupid-ass reality show is on TV this week. eMusician’s “Jingles All the Way”, will show you one way you can turn your talent into a career as an advertising jingle-maker. Please turn off your TV.

Those of you who know have picked up a copy of my book, know all about campus reps and how getting a job as a campus rep can open the door to the music industry for you, like no other. For those who haven’t yet read it and are looking for a primer on the best job to have while a college student, check out: “Life as a campus rep” from the Daily Stanford.

If you’re considering a career in entertainment and are not yet aware of the fact that many people brandish some really sharp daggers behind their backstage pass laminates, you should start to read up on reality. The music and film industry is populated with extremely vocal people who care deeply about their positions on issues relevant to them, and one such hot topic of the past ten years has been the rise of Clear Channel. Bill Wyman, former Arts editor at Salon, tosses his dagger into the mix this week on his Hitsville site, and it ain’t pretty. Wyman’s post addresses what he sees as a few of the firm’s shortfalls in his essay related to two new books about the mega entertainment business that is Clear Channel in his article: “More evidence that Clear Channel is the worst company in America.” Read it, do your research and form your own opinion. Clear Channel seems to boil the blood of a lot of people both in and outside the industry, and while they have their proponents, they’re certainly more criticized than revered. However, whether we like it or not, Clear Channel is a big force in the industry, and recognizing this fact will aid you greatly as you move forward in your career.

For even more fun, check out the insanely vulgar “Three pandering sluts and their music press stooge” response from producer Steve Albini to a Wyman article that appeared in the Chicago Reader back in 1994. Definitely NSFW, but a hilarous diatribe none-the-less.

The One of my favorite writers on the music industry is Bob Lefsetz. And while I don’t always agree with him, I learn something from him every week. His commentary is crisp and witty, quite controversial, and seriously laced with profanities. A music business dream. I didn’t know he was writing posts for the Yahoo! Music Blog site, and stumbled upon this one today that I thought was a great read. It’s profanity-free so it doesn’t get a NSFW label, so please do read “Saving the Music Business,” and thank Bob for the advice!

For more of Bob Lefsetz’ stuff check out The Lefsetz Letter

Have a brilliant weekend, enjoy it if you’re already in it, and hope
you had a great time if you’re already out of it! Cheers, Doc

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