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New Tunes Tuesday: Taylor Swift – Picture to Burn

Posted by dockane On July - 22 - 2008

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Okay folks, we’re experiencing a dearth of “right out of the box” great music these past few weeks. Sure there is plenty of stuff coming out, but nothing has struck a chord with me until I heard this song today from Taylor Swift. If you’re a country fan, you might know it already, but if you’re listening to Top 40, it’s just now burning up the charts.

Now, first let me say that I’m not typically a country music fan. . .my tastes typically run toward rock and alternative, but I do know a good song when I hear one, and this is a good song. The other two contenders for this week were BuckCherry’s “Too drunk to. . .” (You figure out what the last part of that phrase is . . .) and Mercy Me’s “You Reign”.

Mercy Me is a Christian band, and the song is catchy, but I’m typically picking songs that I think have the most potential to be heard and liked by the majority of people. Buck Cherry’s song is cool, but. . .wow. . how will it ever get played on radio. . .and Mercy Me’s song is catchy too, but for those not receptive to the message, it could be a turnoff. I but both of the songs could be considered polarizing to say the least. Judge for yourself, I suppose.

This video from Taylor Swift, however, a lot of folks can relate to, and it’s catchy as hell.

Three things of interest about Taylor Swift thing might help you if you aspire to a career in entertainment:

Unlike a decent majority of country music stars who enlist songwriters to create songs for them, Taylor Swift wrote or co-wrote every song on her debut record.
At age 11 Swift traveled to Nashville from Pennsylvania (with her parents help, no doubt) to drop off a demo of her singing along to Karaoke songs at every label on Music Row. How’s that for determination??
As of this date she is currently ranked at 15 for the most MySpace visits for ALL genres of music. Not bad, eh?

Album Facts you should know:

Album Name: Beautiful Eyes
Record Label: Big Machine Records
Most likely to be heard on the following radio formats: Country, Top 40 (CHR Pop)
Album dropped: July 15, 2008
Available: Only at WalMart

Other Goodies:

The Official Taylor Swift website

Taylor Swift at the American Country Music Awards Live doin’ a little flashdance of sorts

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  1. Lou Zalar says:

    I’m longing for Taylor Swift’s upcoming album. Seems ages since her last one.

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