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Frequent readers might have caught on that I really dig Tim Ferriss’ ideas on productivity, and what he refers to as “lifestyle design”. In fact, he’s even got a running spot on my blogroll. His book, “The 4-Hour Workweek”, has been on the bestseller list forever and it has been published in 39 different languages at last count. It is a must-read if you’re serious about achieving your dreams.

A simple way to find an internship in the music industry

Posted by dockane On August - 7 - 2008

Check out our new Music Industry Jobs and Internships board at It’s FREE!

Hi all, sorry for the absence as of late. . I recently moved house and home and have been in a sea of boxes for weeks. Ugh. But, alas I’m back and next week, we’ll be running full steam again. Lots of great things on deck, so stay tuned.

For today, I wanted to introduce you quickly to a tool that will knock your socks off and save you tons of time searching for internships and jobs in music via or Each site is great on its own, but a much more powerful way to search for gigs is by using the only tool I use when looking for jobs for friends, etc.



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