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Cold calling your way to your next dream job

Posted by dockane On September - 24 - 2008

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Cold calling is the life-blood of the economy, and no matter what people will tell you throughout your life, it absolutely, positively works. I use it each and every day to bring business into my firm, and it is what got me each of my initial gigs in the music industry as well. If you listened to the Tim Ferris and Derek Sivers interview below, you also learned how Derek turned a few cold calls into some big money for himself and proved how easily it can be done.

The same goes for you. Getting a job at a record label, or with a band is so much easier, when you pick up the phone. Chuck email for once, and try it out. It can make all the difference in the world. Trust me.

If you’re not sure how to go about cold calling, or has a friend or relative that could use a boost in their own cold calling efforts, you should take a look at a course my friend Wendy Weiss offers. She is among the best cold calling teachers you’ll find, and I have used her products myself to help boost my own cold calling chops. Her cold calling college live event will knock you on your butt and get you rarin’ to pick up the phone. While the copy is geared toward business people, you can apply these skills anywhere in life, career and business. Here is the scoop on her program from the Queen of Cold Calling herself!

What would happen to your business if you were able to double the number of qualified, prospects you are able to reach?

How would it affect your bottom line if you met with and/or had comprehensive telephone conversations with twice the number of qualified, decision-makers?

How would it feel to have qualified, decision-makers eager, willing and delighted to meet with you?

Join Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, as she discusses cold calling and how she helps entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals – just like you – prospect fearlessly and schedule more new business appointments in less time.

The Cold Calling Live College Starts September 30th! and details can be found here:

Cold Calling College Live

Prospecting is perhaps the most important skill that entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals must master to be truly successful. Let’s face it, without customers you don’t have a business, and without prospecting, you don’t have customers!

In this day and age there are certainly many avenues that one can take to reach prospects. No other avenue, however, is as powerful as the one-on-one, personal, direct connection that you can make with a prospect by having a great telephone conversation.

**Outsmart and Outsell the Competition**

On the telephone, you can instantly build rapport, gather information, show your expertise and move your sales process forward, all of this while your competition is still trying to get in the door.

Many people, however, struggle with prospecting by phone. The reality is that prospecting can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. The good news is that cold calling is a communication skill, and like any communication skill, it can be learned and improved upon. In working with my clients, many of them have practiced new skills and are thrilled to see their results change.

If you struggle with prospecting, you too can see amazing change and terrific improvement in your ability to connect with multiple new prospects on a personal level, and have them agree to sit down and have a further conversation with you.

The Cold Calling Live College Starts September 30th! and details can be found here:

Cold Calling College Live

The Struggle is Over

Because so many people struggle with cold calling, appointment-setting and new business development, it has become our top priority to help you get your business to where you want it to be.

That’s why we’re recommending the proven new business development strategies, tactics, techniques and tips you will learn by attending this preview call.

The Cold Calling Live College Starts September 30th! and details can be found here:

Register now:

Cold Calling College Live

Here’s what people are saying about ‘Cold Calling College’:

‘I recently called six companies and was able to get four solid introductory appointments on my calendar with minimal effort! If I can keep up this pace I can make more money in less time.’

–Tracy M. Brodd, Account Executive, American Identity

And isn’t that what it’s about? Making more money in less time.

You can do it too.

The Cold Calling Live College Starts September 30th! and details can be found here:

Cold Calling College Live

Don’t wait. These sessions are guaranteed to help, right

now, regardless of your sales experience or background.

The Cold Calling Live College Starts September 30th! and details can be found here:

Register now:

Cold Calling College Live

To your success!

Wendy Weiss

The Queen of Cold Calling

PS – Just for attending, you are eligible for EXCELLENT
discounts… Register (even if you can’t make it – we’ll send you a recording!)

The Cold Calling Live College Starts September 30th!

Register now:

Cold Calling College Live

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    great tips on how to enter the music business! speaking of record labels, the Independent Music Awards are looking for new entries in the category of College Record Label – so if anyone knows of a record company owned by college students or the college itself; go to for more info. Or email:

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