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Archive for October, 2008

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Part One:

There’s one star in this video, but there are hundreds of music industry stars who make Pink LOOK like the only real star in the room. Which one are you? Take a look at this video, the song will always rock, but I also would suggest taking a look at it with a keen eye on the types of music jobs that exist within every element of the production.

A little off topic today, but I wanted to share a few links with everyone regarding the important election we’re facing this year. As most of my reading audience is in college or getting ready to go to university, I thought these few links might help courtesy of Lifehacker. They’re all non-partisan and should serve to help you if you’re undecided, or think you might be leaning a certain way, but aren’t sure as to why, or even if you’re correct. I particularly liked Select Smart’s “Compare the Candidates” link.

If you’re the creative type, you might want to take a look at this opportunity to pal around with Russell Simmons and participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week USA. I’m the regional director for Chicago and thought I would share this with each of you. Aside from the cool-ness factor of this contest, there is also a 5K prize. Not a bad deal at all. Good luck! Doc


HOST - Russell Simmons

Global Entrepreneurship Week USA is sponsoring a creative entrepreneurship competition
to find the next big names in film, music, and fashion. Win $5,000 and the opportunity
of a lifetime to be the next entrepreneurial star in the Race to BE.!

Sorry about the feedburner re-send. . .

Posted by dockane On October - 9 - 2008

Sorry about the feedburner re-send. Hi Guys, this is Doc. Don’t know why you got another email today from SAE Atlanta. I posted it way back from July. I’ll look into what’s happening, and let you know. Thanks, and sorry again for the intrusion.

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Howdy, folks. I’ve finally taken the step of creating some video content for everyone using some of the many new tools I love to play with on a daily basis that help me retain my productivity goals. So, for this first tutorial of sorts, I’ll walk you through some of the better ways to search for things using Google.



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