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A little off topic today, but I wanted to share a few links with everyone regarding the important election we’re facing this year. As most of my reading audience is in college or getting ready to go to university, I thought these few links might help courtesy of Lifehacker. They’re all non-partisan and should serve to help you if you’re undecided, or think you might be leaning a certain way, but aren’t sure as to why, or even if you’re correct. I particularly liked Select Smart’s “Compare the Candidates” link.

It’s interesting to note that even in tight-knit families political persuasions can run deep on completely different issues, so because your parents, brothers and sisters might believe in one way of looking at things, you may have a completely different viewpoint. My brother and I, whom I thought leaned the same way, were way different in the results this week when testing ourselves against the issues using Glass Booth. I suggest you give it a shot to see if the candidate your planning on voting for believes in what you do AFTER the election. Have fun, and please VOTE!

Not sure where you will be voting come November 4th? Try Google’s handy-dandy polling place map finder. Just enter in your zip code and you’ll be off and running. I would recommend calling the suggested place to make sure you don’t end up running around in circles though, when I typed in my address it pulled up a location that I probably could vote in, but didn’t I voted early and did so at my local library. Google’s tool suggests another place and several others didn’t know where I should vote. So, I’m recommending Google because of it’s ease of use and the fact that at least they gave me a location I could call. If that doesn’t work, you’re local board of election office will certainly do the trick.

Good luck!

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