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Part One:

There’s one star in this video, but there are hundreds of music industry stars who make Pink LOOK like the only real star in the room. Which one are you? Take a look at this video, the song will always rock, but I also would suggest taking a look at it with a keen eye on the types of music jobs that exist within every element of the production.

Do you see ‘em? There are TONS of things going on here and TONS of jobs for those of you who are seeking a career in entertainment. As I mention in my book, music isn’t just about promotion, publicity and artist management. There are SO many opportunities in music its insane really. . .so please don’t limit yourself to the few that are the most apparent. I’ve listed out just a few of the music jobs I see in this video:

Dance Coordinator
Art Direction
Session/Touring Musicians
Acrobatic Training
Video Production
. . .and tons more. . .

Always keep a keen eye open when looking at movie and video credits. . .look at the job titles and think about what it is you might want to do as a result. If you’re a musician, look at what it takes to be a session musician, if you’re a designer and love music look at costume and stage design. The possibilities are endless, really.

Part Two: Okay, so I wanna’ get the party started here on the page as well. For some time now I’ve been blogging about what I think you want to hear, now I would love to hear what it is you want me to write about. I’ve got a lot of contacts and ideas to share, so fill me in. What do you want to know? What careers are you interested in? I’ll highlight the things you want to know about so everyone benefits. How about descriptions of what certain jobs are like. . .a “day in the life”,or something like that? Give me some feedback in the comments section and we’ll be off and running. (scroll to the bottom to see the comment form after you click on the link!)

This page will really start to hum if I can get some community feedback!

The Bribe: For those of you who submit AT LEAST three ideas, you’ll be eligible for a bit of a prize. Once we’ve tallied all the ideas, I’ll pick a winner at random, and offer a free half-hour consultation with me to ask anything you want about the music business! Ask anything you can dream of. . .but you’ve gotta’ submit AT LEAST three suggestions first! (scroll to the bottom to see the comment form after you click on the link!)

Good luck!!


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