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Music Business Myth Busting

Image courtesy of: Self Service World

One of the most prevalent myths you’ll ever hear about working in the recording industry, is that your likelihood of carving out a career in entertainment rests solely on who you know. In fact, this kind of talk permeates all facets of job hunting and sales to the point where, God-forbid, one might think it completely impossible to accomplish just about anything in life without some sort of inside connection. Featured Job Listings for 2009-03-06

Posted by dockane On March - 6 - 2009
  • RIP Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Billy Powell…from Roadie to keyboardist extraordinaire: #
  • Just getting started here with a new twitter ID, I also Tweet as: @dockane if you’re curious! Thanks for the new follows! #
  • Gotta tell ya, this freakin’ Music Genome Project technology Pandora employs is simply genius: & dead on in picking music. #
  • #firstrecord I ever bought with my own dough: The “Grease” Soundtrack. Double album, and damn proud. *geek* What was your #firstrecord ? #

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Clear Channel kills 9% of it’s workforce. Advantage, YOU!!

Posted by dockane On January - 22 - 2009

Hi everyone, just popping in today with a quick video that’ll start your mind racing with all sorts of approaches you can use to snag your first radio job this week. No kidding, watch the vid and get movin’!

Here are the links mentioned in this video:

Clear Channel’s station search tool. Good if you know the call letters, otherwise, not so good!

Wikipedia list of seemingly every Clear Channel Station by state

Knock ‘em dead, and I’ll see you at the meet and greet!


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-05

Posted by dockane On December - 5 - 2008
  • Featured Music Industry Job Posting: Director, Streaming Media Business Unit, Logitech, Mountian Vie.. #
  • Featured Music Industry Job Posting: Intellectual Property Paralegal, Legal, Warner Music Group, New.. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-05

Posted by dockane On December - 5 - 2008
  • Featured Music Industry Job Posting: Intellectual Property Paralegal, Legal, Warner Music Group, New.. #

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Hi all,

A quick little message to let everyone know that I have re-launched Previously it had only one page of music business job and internship listings that required quite a bit of searching on your part. To reduce the workload a bit, I’ve broken down all the job postings into a few different categories that cover music jobs in film, touring, band management, record labels, music gigs, etc. I’ve also created search categories and done the preliminary job searching for you for every state in the US, and am currently working on expanding the search listings to Europe and Asia as well. We also have a separate internship category as well.

Part One:

There’s one star in this video, but there are hundreds of music industry stars who make Pink LOOK like the only real star in the room. Which one are you? Take a look at this video, the song will always rock, but I also would suggest taking a look at it with a keen eye on the types of music jobs that exist within every element of the production.

If you’re the creative type, you might want to take a look at this opportunity to pal around with Russell Simmons and participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week USA. I’m the regional director for Chicago and thought I would share this with each of you. Aside from the cool-ness factor of this contest, there is also a 5K prize. Not a bad deal at all. Good luck! Doc


HOST - Russell Simmons

Global Entrepreneurship Week USA is sponsoring a creative entrepreneurship competition
to find the next big names in film, music, and fashion. Win $5,000 and the opportunity
of a lifetime to be the next entrepreneurial star in the Race to BE.!

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Howdy, folks. I’ve finally taken the step of creating some video content for everyone using some of the many new tools I love to play with on a daily basis that help me retain my productivity goals. So, for this first tutorial of sorts, I’ll walk you through some of the better ways to search for things using Google.

Cold calling your way to your next dream job

Posted by dockane On September - 24 - 2008

Cold calling is the life-blood of the economy, and no matter what people will tell you throughout your life, it absolutely, positively works. I use it each and every day to bring business into my firm, and it is what got me each of my initial gigs in the music industry as well. If you listened to the Tim Ferris and Derek Sivers interview below, you also learned how Derek turned a few cold calls into some big money for himself and proved how easily it can be done.



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