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MusicBizWeekly Podcast #2

Posted by dockane On April - 16 - 2009

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This week myself, Berklee student, Justin Travis and Heather McDonald your Musicians guide tackle music for free, a bit of Trent Reznor, hobby-musicians vs. career-musicians, and getting the most out of your a career in music, and the new Universal Music video channel.

Check out the latest and greatest music news from MusicBizWeekly:

Here are a few of the issues we covered in this week’s MusicBizWeekly podcast.

iTunes tiered pricing
QTrax relaunching
Universal Music and YouTube laucnhing a music video site
Jeff Price from Tunecore’s iTunes promotion tricks


Our MusicBizWeekly Podcasts debuts!

Posted by dockane On April - 10 - 2009

Go-getter, and future music industry super-star Justin Travis, a student at Berklee, Musician’s Guide, Heather McDonald, and myself have put together a weekly podcast about what’s happening in the music business, entitled Music Biz Weekly. It’ll be an ongoing dialog about various events happening in the music business. . .that we hope will serve to not only keep you posted on what’s going on so when you’re being interviewed for your internship, or first gig as a recording engineer, promotions person or brand ambassador, you’ll know what you’re talking about!

Listen to the podcast here:

Clear Channel kills 9% of it’s workforce. Advantage, YOU!!

Posted by dockane On January - 22 - 2009

Hi everyone, just popping in today with a quick video that’ll start your mind racing with all sorts of approaches you can use to snag your first radio job this week. No kidding, watch the vid and get movin’!

Here are the links mentioned in this video:

Clear Channel’s station search tool. Good if you know the call letters, otherwise, not so good!

Wikipedia list of seemingly every Clear Channel Station by state

Knock ‘em dead, and I’ll see you at the meet and greet!


New Tunes Tuesday: Taylor Swift – Picture to Burn

Posted by dockane On July - 22 - 2008

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Okay folks, we’re experiencing a dearth of “right out of the box” great music these past few weeks. Sure there is plenty of stuff coming out, but nothing has struck a chord with me until I heard this song today from Taylor Swift. If you’re a country fan, you might know it already, but if you’re listening to Top 40, it’s just now burning up the charts.

New Tunes Tuesday: One Block Radius (OBR) – You Got Me

Posted by dockane On July - 8 - 2008

Today’s New Tunes Tuesday hit is currently going for adds on Top 40 stations across the US. So, if you’re in some of the bigger markets you might be hearing this track “pop” a bit over the next few weeks. I think it might have potential on a number of other formats as well, including stations slanted toward R&B and HipHop as well as some of your more open satellite stations. I also think it’s got some potential on Alternative at some point. Anyway, I thought it was worth listening to here on New Tunes Tuesday, so I’m happy to share. I really dig the monster chorus!

Music Business School Spotlight: SAE Atlanta

Posted by dockane On July - 7 - 2008

SAE Recording Arts and Film ProductionOne of my great interests in life is learning about cultures different from my own, and when I was just beginning to get my feet wet with knowledge about the music industry, one of my more favorite sections to read in Billboard, was the International section. If you’re at all like me, and dream of yourself mixing records and working with bands in foreign lands, then you should take a look-see at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE), the world’s first school to offer “practical audio education” as SAE refers to it.

One thing I love about music is finding something that is totally new to me. Sometimes I’m on the cusp of the new stuff, sometimes I’m behind the curve a bit. So, depending on how close you keep your ear to the ground, you may have already heard some of these tracks that I’m going to introduce to the rest of the audience this week. While looking for a new place to live this week, I popped my head in a Border’s for a quick half hour break. Searching for a new place to live can be mind-numbing, and the break was much needed.

New Tunes Tuesday, John Mellencamp – “My Sweet Love”

Posted by dockane On June - 24 - 2008

John Mellencamp — “My Sweet Love”

Swing those hips baby, its John Mellencamp, swaying the house with this great track from his new album “Life, Death, Love and Freedom” Backing vocals are courtesy of Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild. I would swear that’s Kurt Neumann from BoDeans on guitar. Great song. Nuff Said. I love Mellencamp.

Pick it up wherever you buy your records, cds, itunes, etc. these days.

Three things you need to know about this record and John as an entertainment career wannabe:

  1. He’s a legend.
  2. He’s a legend. (that’s not a typo)

Topspin on Billboard MagazineCheck out our new Music Industry Jobs and Internships board at It’s FREE!

One of the more enjoyable reasons for opening my email box in the morning is to read my daily Napoleon Hill Foundation quote. If you don’t know Napoleon Hill, you should check out the book many successful business people point to as the one that changed their lives, and helped place them firmly on the track toward completing their life’s goals. Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” is a simple and direct motivational book filled with all sorts of gem’s that can help you get your rear-end off the couch, away from your PlayStation or XBox and on the phone to generate entertainment industry career prospects. I would highly recommend it.

You bet your Casey-Kasem, Rick-Dees lovin’ asses it is.

Without a doubt, radio is still is among one of the more powerful mediums for introducing the majority of people throughout the world (don’t forget media exists outside the US, folks), to new music, news about musicians and bands on tours, and general entertainment industry revelry. Its almost always free, and accessible just about everywhere humans tend to populate.

(Heck, even my phone, a Sony Ericsson, is a phone/walkman. So, I can get radio on my cell phone, and I didn’t have to pay a friggin’ dime more for the privilege, unlike other carriers who offer a fancy download plan that, in my opinion, just serves to add yet another monthly bill to your cash outlay.)



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