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Recording Engineering Degrees in Emeryville California

Those of you who follow the page, know that I’m big on education. And while that might seem to be a surprise to some who knew me as a kid, it’s always been true, really, it’s just that my insatiable curiosity wasn’t always directed toward what is taught in school.

My guess is, that if you’re hear reading this, you often find yourself in the same boat, so from time to time, I like to cover some of the music and engineering schools out so you’re informed as to what music business education options are available to you.

Music Business School Spotlight: SAE Atlanta

Posted by dockane On July - 7 - 2008

SAE Recording Arts and Film ProductionOne of my great interests in life is learning about cultures different from my own, and when I was just beginning to get my feet wet with knowledge about the music industry, one of my more favorite sections to read in Billboard, was the International section. If you’re at all like me, and dream of yourself mixing records and working with bands in foreign lands, then you should take a look-see at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE), the world’s first school to offer “practical audio education” as SAE refers to it.

Full Sail: Music Business Degree Program Spotlight

Posted by dockane On June - 13 - 2008

If you’re at all inclined to consider a career in the music industry, you should take a look at some of the music and engineering schools that are geared toward helping you get started in the entertainment business.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, getting a degree in music is certainly not a necessity to forward yourself up the career ladder in music and entertainment, but what a good school can do for you is help you snag good internships. And, that is not something your typical career counselor at your typical 4 year college will have the first clue about. Trust me, I was one!



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