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Posted by dockane On June - 29 - 2008

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Thank you for visiting the Contact Us/Press section of

Below are a few address that might help you to best direct your inquiry.

We also understand deadlines, so we have made it easy for you to only download the information you need.

Interviews and Media:
doc @

Website Issues
support @

Reader Career Questions

questions @

To let us know when/where your music business pro/author is going do be on the road, email:
proschedules @

To schedule an interview with a music business pro you represent, or yourself, please send an email to:
interviews @

If you are with a record label and would like us to consider your product on, please send your inquiries to:
reviews @

For anything else, send your inquiry to:

othercoolstuff @

If you are an agent or publisher and would like us to review a recent music business themed book, please send three (3) copies of the book to the address below. The reason we request three is as follows: one for the reviewer, one for our review contest winner, and one for the library. All library editions are donated to the Chicago Center for Black Music History at Columbia College at the close of each year. Yeah! Autographed books are especially appreciated, and our readers love ‘em!!!
2250 West Lawrence Ave., #1
Chicago, IL 60625

Thanks from the entire team at!



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