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Pro Sound Effects Libraries

Posted by dockane On June - 3 - 2009

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Essential Dancehall Reggae Sound FX

Foghorns, Laser Sweeps, Sci Fi Drops for Tru Soundbwoys. Run that, Hype that! Orignal Sound System Jump offs – Essential Dancehall Reggae Sound Effects.

Podcaster 2 (Download Version)

You’re on the air with Podcaster 2!

Blastwave FX put your podcasts on the virtual map with Podcaster 2 – a sound effects, music and imaging elements library of 500 web ready MP3 sounds.

This collection includes 50 loopable beats, 250 general sound effects, 100 imaging elements, and 100 multimedia sounds, giving you the professional sounds you need for virtually anything media.

Every sound was fully produced at 24-96 to ensure the highest quality for today’s production needs then delivered as stereo MP3 files, making you audio productions easy to produce and manage.

Podcaster is part of an exclusive product line from Blastwave FX called Microwaves. Like all of Blastwave FX’s high definition effects libraries, Microwaves’ MP3 sounds are embedded with Metadata that is compatible with Pro Tools, Soundminer, Net Mix, iTunes and other popular sound library search engines. No more long searches, ripping, editing, or settling for close enough. Get exactly what you need right now.

Podcaster 2, from Blastwave FX. The new wave in sound effects.

HOW DOWNLOAD PURCHASES WORK: When your download purchase is complete, a page will display with a download link. You will also be allowed to log-in to the account you have or create and re-download up to 3 times. There are NO Shipping charges for download purchases.

Heavily Armed

A CD collection of 225 royalty-free gun and ammo sounds that kicks like a mule!

Includes gun blasts from different perspectives, handling sounds, bullet drops on concrete/wood surfaces and more!

Features 12 different weapons, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, and rapid automatic fire.

Meticulously recorded and edited in the digital domain for the utmost detail and clarity.

Heavily Armed is aimed at multimedia production houses seeking a dedicated CD of high quality weapon sounds at a competitive price point. From shotgun blast to shell drops on multiple surfaces, Heavily Armed has you covered!

Street Racers

Presenting Street Racers Volume 1, a three audio CD set with one data DVD. Street Racers Volume 1 enters you into the world of modded, blazing fast street racers. Originally recorded for use in features, this set contains hard to find street racers performing basic driving maneuvers to blacktop melting figure eights.


Strap yourself in as the new science fiction collection HYPERSPACE blasts you off into another dimension of useful and unique sound effects. HPYERSPACE is designed to help create the unexplored worlds your project needs.

Theres a host of categories including: Unearthly Ambiences, Space Age Vehicles, Aliens, Textures, Machines and Weapons. This 6-disc collection of over 2,000 sounds and a DVD-ROM of true 24bit/48khz wav files, allowing for easy implementation of this must have collection into your library.

Enter the next dimension of science fiction sound effects with The Hollywood Edges Hyperspace.

5 AUDIO CDS 44k, 16bit, STEREO1 DATA DVD – 48k, 24bit, STEREO .bwf, includes catalog

Universal Studios SFX Library

Universal Studios, has made available for the first time ever, an awesome collection of over 1,000 sound effects on five compact discs. These are classic sound clips, straight from the heart of some of Universal Studios’ most famous and timeless feature film presentations. This amazing sound effect collection is like getting access to Universal Studios during the shooting of some of their most monumental feature films ever. And it’s all yours – on five action packed CDs .

US01 Single Prop Airplanes, Biplanes, Triplanes, Twin Prop Airplanes, Four Engine Airplanes, Eight Engine Airplanes, AirportAmbience
US02 Aviation, Animals, Avalanches, Human Bodyfalls, Boxing, Comedy, Crashes
US03 Doors, Electricity, Explosions, Fires, Human Hits,
Horns, Knife Throws, Metal Hits, Face Punches, Space Doors, Space Gun Shots, Space Ships, Swords, Telegraphs, Underwater Sounds,Volcanos, Werewolves, Whips
US04 Grenades, Military Cannons, Rockets, Whistle Bombs, Explosions, Depth Charges, Torpedoes, Submarines, Tanks, Swords, SwordFights, Marching, Hand Guns, Muskets, Rifles, Ricochets, Machine Guns, Military Battles
US05 Steam Trains, Indians, Western Battles, Stagecoaches, Horses Walking, Horses Trotting, Horses Cantering, Horses Galloping,Cavalry Horses



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