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Clear Channel kills 9% of it’s workforce. Advantage, YOU!!

Posted by dockane On January - 22 - 2009

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Hi everyone, just popping in today with a quick video that’ll start your mind racing with all sorts of approaches you can use to snag your first radio job this week. No kidding, watch the vid and get movin’!

Here are the links mentioned in this video:

Clear Channel’s station search tool. Good if you know the call letters, otherwise, not so good!

Wikipedia list of seemingly every Clear Channel Station by state

Knock ‘em dead, and I’ll see you at the meet and greet!


If you haven’t heard the recent hubbub about how Jay Z’s wallet just got about 150 million dollars thicker, then you may want to check out a bit last month’s entertainment news surrounding his signing with Live Nation, the largest concert and tour promoter and organizer in the United States.

The deal puts Jay Z in a great place not only financially, but creatively as well, lending him even more control over his career than he may have had as president of Def Jam records. What readers of the page should note, though, is that Live Nation is absolutely not (at least at this time) a record company.

Stop Big Media stomps its big foot at the FCC

Posted by Doc Kane On February - 27 - 2007

It’s always interesting to me how so many things can happen in the world without one ever knowing about them. Case it point: Stop Big Media. Stop Big Media apparently seems to be a force to be reckoned with, or at least a force du jour, and an a subsequent pain in the butt for the FCC and a host of media enterprises like Clear Channel with regard to media ownership.



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