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Anthony David – “Words” featuring India Arie

Today’s “New Tunes Tuesday” brings us this beauty by MySpace star Anthony David. If you’re a fan of Mr. David, then you’ve no doubt heard this song before as its been around for a bit. Of course, that doesn’t always mean the rest of us have heard it, and given the amazing ability of the Apple music department to pick super-ass hits no one ever played on radio, I feel I’m somewhat safe in “introducing” this one to readers here today. It’s a really great song, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy! His album Acey Duecey drops June 24, 2008. Pick it up whereever you by your records, cds, itunes, etc. these days.

Friday’s Music Industry Writer’s Link Roundup

Posted by dockane On June - 13 - 2008

This week’s music business link round-up features a few new blogs and one you’re probably quite familiar with, I’m sure. So without further adieu, here are some of what I thought were great reads from around the blogosphere this week:

Fellow music-crazed writer, Heather McDonald over at wrote a bevy of posts this week about a number of topics that might be of interest to you, including: the first part in a series about Long Lost Record labels, this year’s In The City music expo/conference/jam in the UK that offers a good excuse to hop on a plane and visit Europe this fall, and an interesting story covering feedback from users of Sonicbids.



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