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Music Business Myth Busting

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One of the most prevalent myths you’ll ever hear about working in the recording industry, is that your likelihood of carving out a career in entertainment rests solely on who you know. In fact, this kind of talk permeates all facets of job hunting and sales to the point where, God-forbid, one might think it completely impossible to accomplish just about anything in life without some sort of inside connection.

Getting ready for a re-design and need your input!

Posted by dockane On February - 28 - 2009

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a wee bit quiet around here, but we’re in the middle of processing a re-design for the site and since we’re going to be doing a number of things differently on the site, I wanted to hold off on rolling out the new content. We have a number of exciting things planned. . some interviews on deck, and a lot of interesting stories about people who have made it in the music business. We’re working on stories related to recording engineering (which we see a lot of interest in) as well as stories focusing on women who have kicked some royal butt in the music business as well. I’ve noticed there are a lot of female readers on the site (go girls!), so we’re going to be tailoring a bit to each of you as the year progresses.

Clear Channel kills 9% of it’s workforce. Advantage, YOU!!

Posted by dockane On January - 22 - 2009

Hi everyone, just popping in today with a quick video that’ll start your mind racing with all sorts of approaches you can use to snag your first radio job this week. No kidding, watch the vid and get movin’!

Here are the links mentioned in this video:

Clear Channel’s station search tool. Good if you know the call letters, otherwise, not so good!

Wikipedia list of seemingly every Clear Channel Station by state

Knock ‘em dead, and I’ll see you at the meet and greet!


Entertainment Career Advice:  Questions and AnswersHow it works: Hi folks. Because I tend to get a lot of questions about how to get a job in the music business, and because it is difficult to craft a new response for every one I get, I’m going to start sharing a few of my more common responses here on the blog. Each time I do so, I’ll ask if I can post the message online before doing so, and if I receive your approval, as I did with today’s question, I’ll put ‘er up.

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These days, getting started in music has never been easier. So if you’re in high school, and want a career in entertainment, you’re possibly in the best position ever to get the experience your going to need to work in the music business someday. I’m not kidding. And the reason is, that due to advances in technology and the insane rise of street teams and product ambassador programs, the marketing of music has almost taken on a life of its own since the late 80′s when I was in college.

Check out our new Music Industry Jobs and Internships board at It’s FREE!

To read part one of this story, visit: How to get an internship at Fashion Rocks: Part One.

Welcome back, folks. Alright. So you’ve invested some time and energy into locating the names of music business companies affiliated with Fashion Rocks. Maybe your little list contains a few of these types of firms: record labels, band managers, booking agents, street team companies, brand ambassador firms, lighting companies, rigging companies, modeling agencies, Fortune 500 firms.

What a record label internship might look like

Internships can be a funny beast. In one regard, you’re treated as part of the team, hanging out with the Vice President of Promotion, hanging out with your favorite bands backstage and walking around with that laminate of yours that screams “I’m with the band”. And yet, on others, back at the office (if you’re lucky) or on campus ( if you’re not as lucky, but still in like Flynn). . .you’re just the kid from the street team that hangs up posters and stickers the heck out of campus.

This is a question I have received quite frequently over the years. And, despite the fact that I graduated with a degree in music with a specialization in business (read: music business degree) from Southern Illinois University, I still say that getting a music business degree is NOT a prerequisite to a career in the music industry. And I say this not only as a veteran of the music business, but also as a former academic advisor to hundreds, if not thousands of students, at the University of Minnesota.

A music business internship that'll knock your butt sideways.

Posted by Doc Kane On March - 10 - 2007

Most of you have probably never heard of Norman Whitfield. But I’ll bet hard cash you’ve heard of The Temptations, and most likely, a song named “Ain’t too proud to beg”. Well, Mr. Whitfield co-wrote “Ain’t too proud to beg” with Eddie Holland Jr., later of Holland-Dozier-Holland fame when he was a mere 23 years old.

The best thing, though is that Norman Whitfield was just a 19 year old kid when he began hanging around the Motown studios bugging the heck out of Motown’s founder Berry Gordy for a gig. Eventually that persistence paid off and Berry put him to work in the control division of the label determining which hits were going to get released on the label.

Sometimes I really miss the music industry

Posted by Doc Kane On March - 1 - 2007

Great short article in today’s FMQB reporting on the first day of the Digital Music Forum East event in NYC. Seems like folks are a little hot under the collar regarding digital rights management (DRM) and what some see as the dismembering of all that used to be good about working in rock n’ roll. Even Britney Spear’s recent hairdo, or lack of it, made it into the discussion. Interesting. Heck, and where else can you stand up at a conference, point your finger at an executive and throw expletives in their direction. . .nowhere but in music, baby. Sometimes, I really do miss that level of candor!



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